Passion for innovation.

This is the home of Creative Business Ideas

At NMX, we're driven by out-of-the-box thinking to provide simple solutions to the most pressing challenges faced by our clients. After all, simplicity is the real sophistication.

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Welcome to NMX

We have a team of experts that have many years of experience in various industries. All this pool of knowledge allows us to provide the following competencies within our company:

Learning & Development

Core to NMX ethos, is to pay it forward. What better way to this than to establish an Academy of Great Minds ™. Visit one of our projects to learn more.

Financial Services

We provide consulting and system implementation in the areas of financial services, channels, payments and foreign exchange.

Incubation X

We are constantly working on new products to take to market. With Incubation, we have the perfect R&D environment to mature our ideas and ensure that they are launched at the right time.

Highly Innovatice Solutions

Our Awesome Skills

We rely solely on internal expertise for the operation on our business.

Product Development
Strategic Partnerships

NMX aligns to a network model to augment our expertise. However, we make it a point that any core skill that is required for the smooth running of our business, is developed and maintained inhouse.


There are those instances where we outsource our functions. This typically happens when it is a non-core function.


One of our passions is to see the development of previously disadvantaged groups, so that they are able to participate in the economy of not only our country, but to participate globally.

About NMX

The company was founded in 2015, with a clear mandate to create a sophisticated business that is relevant for the 4th industrial revolution. We understand the confluence of various technologies giving companies the competitive edge in the very near future.


Our Leadership

We draw on the leadership of individuals that have brought their different business backgrounds into NMX. Notably, the company leverages technology, finance, property development, among many others, to bring the value creation of NMX.

Contact Us

We operate nationally in South Africa, and have business interests in other parts of Africa. We can be reached at:

Ground Floor, Gateway West, Waterfall City

Midrand, Gauteng, South Africa

(+27) 65-820-0343